Xan (Short for Alexandra) was born in Utah and also grew up in Washington, Nevada, and Japan. She has been playing the piano since before she could read, and started the cello in 3rd grade. In junior high school, she added mallet percussion to her list of musical talents.  Her passion for photography and cinematography was awakened in Japan, while she worked as a model for 2 years.  Returning from Japan, Xan enrolled in college at BYU-Idaho, where she explored both Graphic Design and Music Performance (in piano, cello, and mallet percussion).  Then, pursuing a career in real estate, Xan returned to Utah from college, where she worked as a licensed real estate agent for 7+ years.  During this time, Xan used her modeling experience to work as a double for Vanessa Hudgens on the film set of High School Musical 3.  On the movie set, Xan was captivated by the the magic behind the camera.  Following that passion, she shadowed numerous feature film cinematographers and famous wedding videographers, and began exploring still photography. Xan has a reverence for photography and the ability it has to capture truly special moments, saying "photography is timeless, and the ability to truly isolate the feeling of a moment lies within the ability to capture genuine people when they are their most true and tender selves. Capturing those memories is never more important than when you are able to look back at photographs to pull almost forgotten feelings back to the surface of your life. "

Xan is now living in Winston Salem, North Carolina, but loves traveling with her photography. She is also in Utah many times a year shooting weddings, family, and friends! 


"I believe in a unique and customized experience for each and every client."

Xan, Spencer, and Everest

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