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COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the current pandemic I ask that we try to stay 6 feet apart as much as possible, but luckily that isn't too hard with photo shoots. 

Normal Session Info:

All sessions are between 45 minutes to an hour unless otherwise specified. I usually can get you between 200-400 photos per 45 minute session! My style is more focused on documenting fun candid moments and interactions with you and getting some gorgeous posed shots as well! Please feel free to let me know if you are hoping to have a certain look in your photos and I'd love to help make that happen! I do not offer discounts on mini sessions. 

>Included in the price are the rights and a copy of ALL the digital images sent to you in an online gallery with a link that will allow you to download them all to your computer.<

Please let me know if you do not want your photos posted on Social Media. 

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​Couples Photos: $300

Family Photos: $450 (family mini session 20-30 mins: $250) 

Senior Photos: $415

Bridals: $300

Boudoir Session: $585

Business Head Shots: $175 (between 65-200 images)

At Home Newborn: $300

Maternity: $450

Newborn Home + Maternity: $625

Labor + Hospital or Home Photos: $750 (for 3 hours that can be broken up)

Newborn Home + Mini Hospital Session (15 mins): $435

Newborn Home + Mini Hospital Session (15 mins) + Maternity: $900

Little Kid Photo Birthday/Milestone Shoots: $350 for a 20-30 minute shoot or $425 for 1 hour (single child / birthday shoot) 

Real Estate: $175 per house

Event: $200 per hour for documentary coverage (posed photos will be more)

Instagram/Business/Product Photos: $200-300 an hour

(If you need tons of instagram stock photos of your business or products I can come to you and shoot behind the scenes images as well as products images for you. You usually get between 300-500 photos per hour of me shooting! You also get them in an online gallery which makes it super easy to grab them and post on instagram!) 



Its fun to shoot at a location that is sentimental to you and your family! Think of a park or favorite spot in the city and we will find beautiful photo spots there! 

(Any location more than 30 mins outside of Winston Salem is an additional $25 for every added 30 Minutes locations 2 hours and further will have additional fees for hotels) 


Find a color scheme of 2-4 colors that you like. Earthy or muted tones tend to look better than anything really bright or florescent. Look on pinterest and find photos you like there and see what colors they are wearing. Maxi dresses are always beautiful for the grown up ladies, and button ups and sweaters look great on the guys! Go a little more dressy than casual and you won’t be disappointed. Do your make up a little heavier than usual, it will show up better in photos, especially eyebrows, lashes, and will be happy with heavier blush! Try to have everyone wear either light-to-medium colors, or medium-to-dark colors….too much light and dark contrast doesn’t photograph as well. Warmer colors will give a warmer look, and colder colors will give a cooler look. You can go with mostly neutrals with little pops of color as well and that is always gorgeous! Most important is to be true to yourself and family, and wear what will make you guys happy! And this is really key, you don't necessarily have to buy something new!!! You want these photos to represent who you are at THIS time in your life, so wear something that you feel GOOD in and you might already own that! Stay away from busy patterns or logos, if you are going to wear florals, keep everyone else's outfits pretty simple. I have taken photos on the top of skyscrapers, mountain sides, and even waist deep in a lake, so lets make this shoot customized just for you! As long as you are happy and just crazy loving the people with you in the photo, you will be so thrilled with how the photos turn out. 

I do not do ANY Photoshopping, I am a photographer that does 90% of the work in camera during the photo shoot, and then the rest I tweak in Lightroom and that is mainly adjusting the coloring and making the blacks richer, and the whites true and clean. Remember, love yourself for who you are now! Your loved ones cherish you the way you are now and when they look at these photos, they see the wonderful person that you are, and I am here to capture that for you and them! If you are happy and enjoying your loved ones during the shoot, that will translate in the photos and make them just the best EVER!  (click here if you want tons of additional info about what to wear) 

If you want anything Photoshopped after the photo shoot, I highly recommend using the company ReTouchUp! They are incredible and very fairly priced! Click here for their site!


$200 For a Photo Book of the Shoot ​

I am always running some kind of discount for Students, Medical Students and Residents, and Military, so be sure to ask! 


I love doing any collaborations, or even trades! If you sell a product or have an idea for a trade, I am always willing to listen to ideas!

Wedding Pricing:​
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